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There was a nice coincidence earlier this year when the game-making events Fictional Games and Speculation Jam both overlapped.

I only ended up making something for Speculation Jam, and ended up doing it pretty quickly, in a single blurt, but here it is: A Videogame … …. It feels really tame, but I was glad I made it, just because I felt like I hadn't released anything in ages.

I recommend playing every single thing made for both events. Emilie Reed, who organised Speculation Jam, did a good write-up of the entries too.

Merry Very, Very Belated Yuletide, let-off-yulios

Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho blog, I forgot to tell you about the new game.

It's the second thing I've made with OBSHAGCE. I started making this back in 2016 for the Glorious Trainwrecks Kris Kringle event. Four years in development! Must be good hey. It is, sucker!!

For the first month or so it was a platformer. I wanted to make it look like a fancy text-mode game. The only parts that ended up in the final version are the yellow and pink patterns.

It feels like it's mostly writing, which I guess is how both the OBSHAG. games feel to me. But maybe that's just because that's the bit I find most intimidating. Creative homunculus. I found writing the dialogue and descriptions fun, once I got on a roll with them, but I really struggle with putting everything in order, making them into a story.

It was nice to do some little sprites and tiles, I used to love doing that stuff (and MIDI music) back when I spent a lot of time making RPG Maker games. I used to do 'sprite requests' on the forum on Don Miguel's website, where people would post what they wanted and I'd make a set of walking animations for them in a style they wanted. Also doing all the animation without having to redraw things served as both a good demo of CSS features and a way to reduce work and work-volume-related anxieties :)

I think the next thing I would like to do with my engine thing is something with only Unicode characters, just using font and background colours. Could use background images with overlaid glyphs. Hmm. Sounds fun. I guess this kinda goes back to the original idea a bit. Seeya in four years.

New Blog!

Been meaning to do this for ages, but I've finally got round to rewriting the little bit of PHP this blog uses so now it's much less work for me to update the blog. It used to take a bunch of fiddly round when a new year ticked over, but not any more!

I've made a tidy version of my blogging framework and put it up at, in case that's interesting to someone.

NB: Images and links to posts will be broken for a bit.