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I keep missing game jams I'm keen on. There was one for Bar SK's one-year birthday, and there was one to commenerate Microsoft's ditching of MS-Paint.

But there's an Autumn-themed, Unity event on Glorious Trainwrecks I started getting ideas for today. Clyde reminded me that phone 3-D scanning apps were a thing a while back, so I'm going to finally experiement with the two I've downloaded and take scans of flowers and plants in my garden. I've been enjoying hanging out there recently.

I haven't worked on my video things much, apart from getting them working in Godot and playing with things a bit there, but I was thinking about them a bit last night too. Getting some better ideas on things to put together.

Oh whoops, I guess I haven't written about those video things before~


Saw this video when hunting round for Godot things.

Got me thinking about a car-buddies game, where two players play together as cars. The lightness of the cars got me started; imagining one can nudging the other one back onto its belly if it's rolled over.

Thing'd be a big playground, maybe multiple playgrounds I guess. You drive round doing fun things with the physics trying to get places. Started thinking of interesting things to put in those places, like doo-dads that'd trigger nex instruments in the music mix. and fun powerups.

Different cars with different shapes and stuff too. So you might be able to wedge a little beetle onto an F1 car and piggyback on a jump.

Probably have fun control in the air, so you could make-up tricks.

Started things of names:


Been going through all my old notes (transferring them from an old WordPress blog to QOwnNotes), and found this screenshot of the first, now lost, version of COLOUR.

If I remember right you would move the cursor round and shapes with different colours and ink effects and behaviours would get shot towards it.


My mind's been in open-source stuff a lot lately, and I've been tihnking about that in relation to how I share and distribute games I make.

I've already mentioned, but been totally slack about, uploading more 'sources' for my games (in my case they're just Unity folder structures I guess). Only done a couple, and I want to start putting them on Github too.

Anyway been thinking that if I always put things I release up on Github and my website for free then I would be okay with always charging a few dollars for 'built' versions on Itch.

Part of me also thinks that that's maybe a bit rude; asking people who can't afford games to go download Unity or Godot or even something they have to pay for like RPG Maker or Multimedia fusion to play things. I liked the web version is free but downloadable version costs approach, but that doesn't work now Unit Player is dead. Those HTML 5 games always run like garbage on my computer.

Game Making Tools Update.

Looking through old posts told me that I haven't posted here about Game Making Tools since I made it public D:

It's since moved to its own (kinda-spensy but) perfect domain:, and it's grown and got a bit nicer looking in time.

Look! Other sections besides the wiki! A calendar for events, a little archive or programs and resources.

I've started playing with forums too. Not trying to build a community, just somewhere for feedback and whatever else. Probably gunna stick wit this one called Vanilla. Never been on a forum that used it, but it's a decent amount of nice contemporary things with something that's not a jerk like Discourse. Feels appropriate for the size, where things like PHPBB sometimes don't at this scale?

Also I've setup a Github account for myself so I can share my badly-made scrips and HTML/CSS and games and things like that, as well as learn how it all works so I can hopefully contribute to some open-source things in the future :)

Hello World.


Still have lots to tidy up round here, probably lots of quirks from my Tumblr scrape, all the images are linked wrong. But it feels nice to be off Tumblr.

Seems to all be sorted now, though I will probably tinker with the stylesheet.


Ended up not going with Textpattern or any other flat-file things, ended up building my own really simple and maybe bad blogging system where I can just dump HTML files in folders and have a little PHP take care of putting them together. Realised that all these markdown-based ones are way messier than I want. I’ll write a post on that and the process of moving things off Tumblr (this part may be useful to someone) at some point.

I still have to go through all the posts and fix the image links and tidy up where needed. Still have to build a comments system(!) and maybe learn about generating an RSS feed, but it’s enough for now:

So all my posts will be up there from now on. I’ll keep this up for a bit, but then I’ll remove the acount.


By-the-way, I’ve just tranfered copies all my stuff from this blog and will be setting it up on my own server

(The process only took a couple of minutes, it’s easy to transfer to Wordpress and from there export it to other places/formats)

Just need a day to sit down and get the CSS nice I guess. Then I’ll close it up here. It will be nice to be on not-some-big-jerk-company’s website, and maybe it will be nice to have comments? Still haven’t actually decided what software I’ll use, but maybe Textpattern?

It’ll be at probably!

Plan on deleting my Twitter soon too, hopefully after getting my own Mastodon instance set up.

Doing social media less and less has me in the mood for blogging D:

Sliding Emblem: The Fire Puzzle

I haven’t been playing games much, but a few months ago I got my first smart-phone, so I have been playung a few things on that, and my 3DS. Mostly recently I’ve been playing a little daily bit of Fire Emblem Heroes.

I also recently watched through this video of (unlike what the title suggests) maybe 60-70%of the PS2 library with some buddies. I think it was during that, when a sliding puzzle game was shown, that I got this idea ↴

A sliding puzzle x small scale tactics game!

So each person and each piece of the environment would be one tile, and you would move things about by arranging the tiles. Not sure how many moves per turn. This would also include arranging bits of the environment, so you could block arrows with pillars or walls, and so on!


PS: I am really bad at sliding puzzles.

Don’t want to go anywhere near Twitter and things at the moment. And still way-avoiding game making.

(Well I started day-dreaming about a super-fast Careful Felt related game called Wreckless Felt to be played with a flight stick, but it seemed a lot like After Burner with power-sliding [kinda] and I hate every Afterburner game for some reason)

But another game-related idea’s been bubbling. Not sure nything will come of it, but I kinda want to start a little game publishing thing. Release physical copies of games, get interesting illustrators and such to do covers.

A little bit of rough maths makes them seem like they’d have to be expensivish. But I want them to be beautiful things that people will want to touch and play with.

Also I changed my web address, did I mention that? It’s a .net now.

Little idea

Not enjoying making games much at the mo’, looking forward to a break, but here’s a little thing I thought I should try (was looking through my illustration blog).

Take some charcoal drawings and use them for height maps. Maybe in Vertex Meadows, maybe just in Unity

Closed me Patreon.


I decided to close my Patreon thing. Still waiting for them to actually shut it down (you can’t actually delete it, and you have to send an email to ask to have it disabled >:|).

I've always felt a little odd about it. Odd about promoting it anyway. And odd about the little culture promoted by the site's owners. And I recently got a big chunk of money from Centrelink (that they owed me) and because of some shit they were doing wrong my fortnightly dole payment will now be enough for me to actually buy food and stuff and I thin be able to buy any game making things I might need. Those money things combined with the fact that I’m never going to get enough from Patreon to live on (at the moment I get ~$6.66 a month) made the decision pretty easy.

Feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

I still think it’s really cool that people get enough money from it, it just aint my style.

I put downloadable versions of The Milkmaid up on Itch today, BTW!

Gunna learn how to use Butler so I can update my Christmas pack easier–handles patching and stuff so you don’t have to reupload everything!

Still haven't finished my GT Christmas game D:<