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Give Me Up

I was commissioned to make a game for the July 2023 issue of Indiepocalypse. I started with grand and very different plans (a glamourous, bombastic, third-person action shooter thing), and it was mostly a product of frustration. Godot kept previewing the game just fine, but when trying to export it wouldn't run. I remade it a bunch of times, and eventually changed the main character thingo, and changed the game around to suit that.

Part of the commission is that it has to be exclusive to the zine for a certain time. Now that time is up I wanted to share the Godot project, so people can play the original version if they're curious, and even make something of their own out of it I guess.

Some games I thought about when making this:

The other stuff is in the game, but I think I left a song out … probably the Yoko Nagayama cover of Big Love.